Vista isn't starting... help needed

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Solved Vista isn't starting... help needed

Post by rebulanyum on Thu 14 May 2009, 7:16 pm

Hello everyone... I have Asus f3sc 180dr notebook and let me summarize the situation: 2 days before I tried to open my computer; it opened but the OS didn't start... there was a dos dialog page that asking for "a recovery " or "a normal startup"... Well, I choose both of them repeaditly; when I choose "recovery " the same dialog page appears and when I choose "normal startup" an installation bar appears with a title "Windows is loading files..." and when the loading was complete a vista coloured background appeared but even I had waited for 20 minutes hoping to see something happening, nothing had happened. As a result I decided to repair Vista by the working original OEM full Vista DVD. So I made the necessary changes in order to boot from DVD drive and insert the DVD; However, even the same bar and title thing happened again still having the same problem: the only thing it can see on the screen is the vista coloured background without any dialog or window for 20 minutes... I mean nothing was working... Anyway, then I decided to update my bios... and I did... bu t nothing changed...

I also mentioned these to another 2 sites; the links are here:

link 01
link 02

Can anyone please help me about this?



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Solved Re: Vista isn't starting... help needed

Post by mariealabama on Mon 18 May 2009, 2:17 pm

Try booting your computer while tapping the F8 key so it starts with the Last Known Good Configuration. If that does not work, sounds like you do need to repair Vista, but it also sounds like it was unsucessful when you tried. When you start your computer go into your BIOS and change the boot order to your DVD drive first and your hard drive secondary. That should then allow you to repair the OS from there.


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