Windows media player in IE or FF bad buffering

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Windows media player in IE or FF bad buffering

Post by dsuel1 on 14th May 2009, 2:28 am

Well not just windows media player, but flash player, any internet media player except silverlight.

Whats happening is, its buffering, takes about 3 min to get to 100% then plays for 15 seconds, and again stops to buffer. This never used to happen, and all my upload and download tests have shown the same results as before, when this wasnt happening, and it played smoothly.

(slow, but should work fine... 160kb/s down 70kb/s up)

However i use sygate, and it shows that when the videos are buffering/playing, my internet usage is only at 60kb/s down (on average)

Im pretty sure its not the sites just throttling the download speeds, as it never used to happen before, and it happens everywhere.

Im sure this question has been asked a hundred times, but, i cant find, and no one seems to be able to give me a solution that works for me.


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