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Post by Doctor Inferno on Fri Jan 04, 2008 11:17 am

This freeware executable displays important Windows information, takes screenshots, and does it all with the barest of memory overhead. TinyResMeter's interface resides in your tool tray, opens with a mere right click, and couldn't be easier to set up. Making this program's display fit your desktop font and colors takes seconds to accomplish.

I love any Windows tool that doesn't require installation. Click TinyResMeter and it is working immediately. I wish it would default to showing all 18 display items instead of the sole message that no items are displayed. However, it gives the user the chance to choose any or all of the 18 informational items this program displays. From time, CPU usage, cache peak, and RAM usage through drive listing, TinyResMeter lists on your desktop the information many users need. All the meters and other information display accurately and in real time.

You can conveniently take screenshots of the active window or your entire desktop and automatically save them as numbered bitmaps. The only problem I had with this application was the awkward four-key method to bring it to front. System administrators and power users will find TinyResMeter an accurate and helpful tool to have.

[Windows 2000/XP]


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