Operating System Support (Read Me)

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Operating System Support (Read Me)

Post by Doctor Inferno on Sun 26 Apr 2009, 11:37 pm

If it is your first time here, welcome to GeekPolice! To learn how to get started here, you may want to check out our New Members Guide.

Operating System Technical Support
The Operating System section is dedicated to providing technical support to members who experience problems or require help with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 - Linux - Mac Operating Systems. Topics posted here should not be software specific.

Posting Etiquette
When posting a new question, please enter a subject title which is descriptive of the problem or question that you have. For example, do not write something like "I need Help!!", instead write "Error code 6801 at startup". These descriptive titles will allow people to help you better by knowing the specific problem that you are having. If you have a BSOD problem please include the error code in your topic title.

Members Giving Support
Whilst we welcome any member to offer their support in the forums, we ask that you refrain from posting unless you have some particular knowledge or certain abilities in the area concerned. No useless answers or 'unrelated' guesswork. Genuine attempts at support are needed and we also understand that no one is correct all the time.

No Replies For 2 Days
Here on GeekPolice, we always try to answer your questions and get to your problem as fast as we can with solid advice. You can expect to get a response or answer from a staff on the very day you post the question. If your topic has not been replied to within 2 days or 48 hours, we might have missed it out. Reply to your topic saying "bump".

Thank you!

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