Which Hole?

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Which Hole?

Post by Biglowz on 11th April 2008, 2:27 pm

Which Hole :

One fateful night, 3 men who were good friends with one another were in a taxi heading home, the first man was a mathematician, the second man was a scientist and the last man who was the driver was a taxi driver... As they were driving along the road, a cat suddenly jumped out from the side of the road and gave the taxi driver a shock..

As he swerved to the side to avoid hitting the cat, the taxi drove over a curb sending the taxi flying into a nearby tree... Before the 3 men knew it, they found themselves in a dimly lit room, the devil stood infront of them and said... "All of you have to ask me a question, because i am feeling bored, if i can answer the question.. you will spend an eternity in hell, however if i cannot answer the question... I will send you to heaven..." The 3 men thought for a moment and the scientist walked toward the devil and ask a complicated question related to science.. The devil replied correctly and the scientist was sent to hell...
The mathematician, walked toward the devil and ask a complicated maths question and he too was send to hell...
The taxi driver walked toward the devil and said, "Could you give me a chair?" a chair appeared next to him.. then the taxi driver said.. "Could you give me a drill?" a drill appeared infront of him... The taxi driver picked up the drill and drilled 12 holes in the chair, then he sat on it and farted... then he asked the devil... "Which hole did i fart through first?" .... The devil thought for awhile and answered "all the holes!" and he gave an evil laugh... "now i will bring you to hell with me!" .... Then the taxi driver said... "WRONG! I farted through my asshole you dumbass!" and he was sent to heaven... LMBO or ROFL

My wish.. Taemos~
I can dream can't I?

Credits to crappynco


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