How do you permanently clear RAM during fresh format and install of OS

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How do you permanently clear RAM during fresh format and install of OS

Post by mike69 on Thu 16 Apr 2009, 3:37 am

Dr. Inferno,

Since I seem to be having a problem in which Belazhar has been trying to help me, but wasn't able to, I need your help in this. I got the Virut infection and it spawns everything. I can't tell how it originated or what to do now.

I followed Belazhar's in structions to do a full format, delete previous partitions, and install the windows XP OS all over again. Things were looking okay after that until I tested my fresh install of windows XP, office, and just some my document files and drivers for the laptop model, when first, my video card CLI.exe crasehd, then after scanning with mcafeee, I started to see the virut replicators again.

I don't know how this can happen when I did a full format on the HDD, which leads me to believe that the source is from the RAM or some other unit of memory that's not formatted. My questions

1) what's the approach to clearing out everything when you do a format? Do I have to let the laptop run until the battery dies out or something for the RAM to be completely cleared?

2) Do you have a malware removal guide on the VIRUT win32 infection?

Please reference these files, and I know this topic may not belong to you, but I need your help and opinion as well


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Re: How do you permanently clear RAM during fresh format and install of OS

Post by Doctor Inferno on Sat 18 Apr 2009, 9:16 pm

The RAM gets cleared every time you turn off of restart the computer.

Also, a Virut can't be removed. It is polymorphic file infector virus, and given time will infect all the .exe and .scr files on a victim's computer.

The virus has a number of bugs in its code, and as a result it may misinfect a proportion of executable files. In those cases of misinfection in which repair data is present within the virus body, and has not been miscalculated by it, the current DAT set will repair the virus as per the non-corrupted case. However, unfortunately, some W32/Virut.h infections are corrupted beyond repair.

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