How to Activate Windows XP Over the Phone

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How to Activate Windows XP Over the Phone

Post by Doctor Inferno on Sun Apr 05, 2009 10:40 am

This tutorial will show you how to Activate Windows XP over phone. It applies to the following XP Editions.

Windows XP Professional - Retail / OEM
Windows XP Home Edition - Retail / OEM
Windows XP Tablet PC Edition - Retail / OEM
Windows XP Media Center Edition - Retail / OEM

1. Start >> Programs >> Accessories >> System Tools >> Activate Windows

2. Select the second option and click next

3. Call your local TOLL Free no:
Select - 1 - To Activate
Select - 2 - To Activate Windows
And tell her your system Installation ID
At this point - Select Option 1 - She will assume that you are reinstalling the software on a same PC (Don't select option 2 here, if you do the key will be blocked and you will never be able to activate windows in your PC)
Now, She will give you the Activation ID, Enter it in the respective text box.
Click Next

5. Voila your Windows XP is activated.

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