computer freezes up slowly and nothing opens

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Solved computer freezes up slowly and nothing opens

Post by onikafei on 2nd March 2009, 7:49 pm

Im on another computer writing this as mine probably wont last 3 minutes before hitting the emergency switch.

The issue is really weird, it starts off with my internet browser. Its the more recent version I believe 7. I have had internet issues in the past. Ive never once though encountered no solution to any though. Right now this is what it does.

I open my browser and it responds normally. I can browse any website no problem. until it stops responding and the window pops up giving the three options. wait for program to respond, close program. I dont remember the other one but I click close program. Normally the whole window will close. But it stays open (still on the start bar as well) . and I cant close it and the options wont come back either. I hit the internet button again nothing comes up. after 20 minutes I decide to restart my computer. I open the start menu and click the arrow that gives the list of options, nothing pops up either. everything else that might be open slowly stops responding till the whole desktop stops. (I waited almost an hour for some response but nothing) I also found I can open the internet by doing it this way "Run as administrator" but after 5 mins it will happen again.

This has started under 2 weeks ago, now heres what Ive done:
Checked for viruses or spyware but turned up with nothing.
Task manager - nothing comes up or if it does, their not on the list
uninstalling programs I dont use or put on recently
Restoring my computer back to mid Feb
Unplugging repluging routers.
I cant do a thing

now its so bad, I cant do anything on there after 3-5 minutes. Then have to hit the switch

If anyone knows anything plaese let me know this is the 5th site Ive been on.


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Solved Re: computer freezes up slowly and nothing opens

Post by Doctor Inferno on 3rd March 2009, 10:56 am

First of all, post a HijackThis log here:

Once your system has been reported clean, post back here.

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