Argh, help please!

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Solved Argh, help please!

Post by restrung on Sun 22 Feb 2009, 7:24 am

NEVERMIND, I FIGURED IT OUT THANK GOD. i don't know how to delete this though, so sorry for wasting a post!

I have one main computer with the modem and stuff and then I am trying to connect two other computers wirelessly to that. I am having some major difficulties though. One computer has wifi built in and the other I am using a linksys wireless-g adapter. I can only have one computer connected at a time though! Either the wifi computer can be connected or the adapter computer can be connected. When I have the adapter computer connected, then on my wifi computer it doesn't show my main computer where the modem is. If I have my wifi computer connected, then nothing shows up at all on the adapter computer.

This is what is causing it...on the Linksys router there is a little button you have to press so the adapter computer can connect to it. It turns from white to blinking white and then back to white. When it is on white, my adapter computer can connect. When it is on orange or whatever then my wifi computer can connect. Is there a way to have it on orange but still be able to have my adapter computer work?!

I know this is so confusing but any help I can get I would appreciate it so much.


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Solved Re: Argh, help please!

Post by Digitalocksmith on Sun 22 Feb 2009, 1:00 pm

Glad you sorted it......can you share your solution with us?


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