HP PSC 1400 Printer trouble. Saving as a TIF file

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HP PSC 1400 Printer trouble. Saving as a TIF file

Post by Tami19 on Mon 09 Feb 2009, 7:46 pm

Hey can someone please help me with this annoying problem??

My printer will not print from the internet. Instead it saves the file as a TIF file and then and only then can I open the document up and print it. I have check all the settings that I can get into and searching online has given me little to no help. Even the HP site is useless.

Please someone tell me how to fix it!!


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Re: HP PSC 1400 Printer trouble. Saving as a TIF file

Post by Digitalocksmith on Sun 15 Feb 2009, 11:32 am

Sorry for the delay....

If you are having problems printing web pages, what browser are you using, and have you tried printing from another browser?

If the problem exists with firefox:


In Internet Explorer this issue can sometimes be caused if you do not have the Unicode option as the selected default encoding language in Internet Explorer.

Start Internet Explorer

Select Encoding from the drop down box headed 'Page' (this is for IE8)

Click to select Unicode encoding language (Unicode UTF-8).

This method may vary depending on what version of IE your using so try and give us as much information as possible when asking for help!



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