Which MOBO should i buy?

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Solved Which MOBO should i buy?

Post by Sirk7101 on Fri 23 Jan 2009, 5:15 am

I posted a thread on here a few weeks ago about my computers random self restarts, and quite frankly ive given up, so ive decided to buy a new mother board and rebuild. Ive narrowed the selection down a bit, and im stuck between two motherboards available through newegg. My dad says i should stick with the socket 478 on newegg and use my existing processor, and i say screw that, i want to upgrade to core 2. Im willing to spend some money to get a better pc for gaming instead of using my laptop (which was supposed to be for college). Here are the mobo's, and my current specs, (this is off the top of my head so ask for more if you need them...). And if you can find a better deal thats not too outrageous post it.. Im open to any ideas, i ask that they do not exceed $150 because i have to have some money to pay tuition next semester thanks again!
Intel P4 2.4Ghz
BFG 7800GS
1gb PC3200 Corsair RAM (i forget the speed)
Xoxide Diablo Mid ATX case (pretty sure thats the one) its the red version (came in red and blue) i can attach a picture if you need to see it cuz i think its a discontinued product


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Solved Re: Which MOBO should i buy?

Post by Doctor Inferno on Tue 27 Jan 2009, 1:30 am

I would go for the first one simply because it runs a dual core CPU. Pentium 4 is kind of old. If you are willing to fork out a little more, I would strongly suggest you go for a Core 2 Duo CPU.

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