Nice site Guys!

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Nice site Guys!

Post by woodbum on Sun 30 Dec 2007, 1:37 am

Well, really overwhelm by the efforts you guys put to help other people (like me) with this site! ;)
Ya did a good job on it and i think that it will be a resource for all of us with problems!
Does it mean that the other site that i received the message from "digital" should be put aside when we need professional (like ya)
to guide us with troubleshooting and regardless not to bring it down but in the this case to take a break from it? With this i mean for you! ;)
Anyhow, i like it and it's already bookmark so, i guess i'll stick around for a while and learn a bit more from ya! AGAIN!

Tks and keep it going.


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Re: Nice site Guys!

Post by Digitalocksmith on Tue 01 Jan 2008, 7:15 pm

Thanks woodbum......Its great to get positive feedback from other members!

The main idea was to provide a 'quality' help forum for any issues you may be having with your computer. As well as a relaxed social enviroment where you can make new friends and chat about any topic you like, or even test your skills in our arcade gaming centre!

I have hand chosen some very smart people who are willing to offer their time to help out those that may need it.

Post any problems you are having here, anytime you like, and the crew at GeekPolice will take care of it for you!



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