Spyware Anti Virus Wont update

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Spyware Anti Virus Wont update

Post by dougskreation on Fri 28 Nov 2008, 12:09 pm

Hi All;

Happy turkey day.

I am working on a Toshiba Satellite laptop with windows xp pro installed. I use firefox 3.0 as a browser; works fine. Zonealarm firewall & AVG anti virus. I down loaded and ran Counter spy; removed much spyware.

None of my security software (Counterspy, Spybot, Avg or Fixit 9.0) can get to the web for an update; yet all other software acesses the web just fine. What gives???????????

I have 2 Windows Security Centers in my Control Panel; 1 opens just fine the other doesn't (suspect it's bogus)???

Normally this laptop goes to the web on a wireless connection but I am using my wired connection which has never failed me before in these exact circumstances.

Help !!!





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Re: Spyware Anti Virus Wont update

Post by Belahzur on Fri 28 Nov 2008, 12:12 pm


Please read this thread:
And post a Hijack This log in the Malware Removal Forum.

@RealBelahzur - [Prework] - Please PM me if I fail to respond within 24hrs.


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