How to add FLV to Powerpoint

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How to add FLV to Powerpoint

Post by Doctor Inferno on 9th October 2008, 7:59 am

1. Open Powerpoint and save it to a new document. Take note of the location where you saved the file. Create a new slide to place your video on.

2. Select "View" from the menu bar at top, then "Toolbars" from the drop-down and then "Visual Basic" (A small pop-up dialog box will appear).

3. Click on the icon for "Control Toolbox". It looks like a hammer and a wrench. Another small pop-up toolbar will appear.

4. Click on the icon for "More Controls" ( it looks like a hammer and a wrench with three dots next to it). A drop-down list will appear with a long alphabetical listing of formats. Scroll down the list until you see "Shockwave Flash Object".

5. Draw a rectangular box on your slide with your cursor, which has now changed to a cross-hair. The size can be adjusted later.

6. Right-click on the rectangular box you just made and select "Properties".

7. Change the following properties in the Alphabetical tab as follows:Embed Movie: Change to "True"Loop: Change to False (this will run your movie once within the slide show).Movie: Type in the path to your SWF file in the folder or location where you saved it.

8. Check your movie by running the slide show preview in Powerpoint. If the above steps were followed, your video clip or animation should play within the Powerpoint as the slide is displayed in the slideshow.


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