AVID Pro Tools 11.3.2 Stability issues when using plugins

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AVID Pro Tools 11.3.2 Stability issues when using plugins

Post by Chrismixx on Tue 10 Nov 2015, 7:13 pm

I am an audio engineer by trade and own a busy recording studio....Ive been having many random issues causing computer problems and it seems like ince I fix one thing something different starts to not work properly.

Ive recently upgraded from PT 10 to !! in the process I had to reinstall my plugins as well...PT 11 uses aax plugins, the older versions including 10 (which I came from uses RTAS ) when trying to open an older session on my newly updated protools it loads up and says Insufficiant resources to load plugins, then when the session opens I try and add a plugin I will get AAE error 7054 usually when I try to pull up one of my UA brand plugins.

Ive been on UA tech support via phone 5 times this past week and half and to no avail they cant seem to help, they just basically have me uninstall and reinstall everythingwhich obviously doesnt fix my issue.

Tonight I started a new session and imported audio into to satart the mix from scratch to ttry and avoid the initial error I had been getting, so things seemed to be working fine until I got to around 50% dsp on my UA plugins and I go to add another and all of a sudden protools immediately crashes and Ill getta crash FILE generated.

I have a UA hardware dsp sharc card Octo Core, I am running a custom Windows 7 pc Asus x99 mobo, I7 3.5 intel, 16gb ram, pony SSD 250gb, my audio interface is an AVID HD i/o newest edition.

PLease let me know if anyone has anymore insight on what kind of troubleshooting to do next....Im not sure if it could be a core system issue like some settings in the bios, registry, or maybe memory allocation issues? Please shed some insight into my issue as I am unable to work as long as this is taking place.



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