Looking for a tablet for school - need suggestions! (Canada)

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Looking for a tablet for school - need suggestions! (Canada)

Post by alewiina on 20th July 2015, 7:10 pm

Hello all!

I'm starting University in September and I'm looking to find some kind of tablet so I can take notes (I can't keep up well with hand written, I have a bad wrist).

Things I need for the tablet to have:
-Running Windows
-attachable keyboard (I suck at touch typing)
-at least one USB port
-half decent battery life
-prefer 64GB of HDD but 32 might be okay if I have to
-would love something in a nice colour (blue or purple?) but that's not a necessity
-an SD card reader would be nice but again not a necessity

Obviously I would like something light and compact like a tablet, because I don't want to drag around my heavy laptop with my books and stuff too.  

I've been looking at different sites for an hour and there are so many different ones, its so confusing.  Plus there are many not available at my local store, so I'm not really sure where to look.   I know decent amounts about laptops and such but I don't really know much about tablets, I've never had one before!

My preferred budget is under $500.  Also, I live in Canada, so that counts because US prices are very high in Canadian funds right now.

Please help?


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Re: Looking for a tablet for school - need suggestions! (Canada)

Post by Dr Jay on 5th November 2016, 7:57 pm

This topic is too old and unanswered. If anyone needs help, start a new topic!


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