Possible my power supply broke

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Possible my power supply broke

Post by fubar1010 on Sun 01 Feb 2015, 5:41 am

Hey guys

I was on my pc as normal lst night everything was working perfectly fine,
I shut down my pc when i went to bed,
When i have got up today my electric had run out, so i went and put my electric back on and then tried to switch my pc on but it does absolutley nothing.
No lights, no fans NOTHING.

I have tried a different cable from my tower to the mains, i have tried plug in to different plug sockets etc and still dead.

My pc is plugged in to a plug extension which gets left on over night, i always leave it switched on has my internet router is also plugged in to the same extension,

I have 2 other pc towers that are quite old, i was going to try either 1 of them in my pc, but neither of them has SATA cables to fit my hard drive, so i couldnt try a different power supply,

My pc is a Acer aspire m3641

I would appreciate any help with guys, thank you very much in advance


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