Cannot Access Windows Store - No Connection

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Cannot Access Windows Store - No Connection

Post by Aussie_Ash_131 on Thu 01 Jan 2015, 11:21 pm

Firstly apologies if I have put this in the wrong section, I wasn't 100% sure where it actually belonged. Secondly thanks in advance for any help I do get, I appreciate it.

I have tried to go through Microsoft support prior to this, with no luck. The link to my problem is here:

Basically I've had this problem for roughly 7 months or so, and I've just lived with it. But I am heading back to uni soon and it would be extremely helpful if it worked.

It started off with me being unable to access the Microsoft Store, giving me a page saying "Sorry, we could not connect to Microsoft services right now, try again later. If this problem persists, search network problems". I am currently having no problems whatsoever with internet access though.
So I decided to switch to a local account, and switch back to my Microsoft account, in the hope that this would refresh everything, and ever since this moment I have been unable to switch back to a Microsoft account (I cannot update to windows 8.1).

Now everytime I go to switch back I get that same internet connection issue.

I was suggested to do some system things on the computer, but I am not 100% sure what I actually need to do.
If no solution exists, even just some guidance would be fantastic!

Again I appreciate any help that comes my way, Thanks.


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Re: Cannot Access Windows Store - No Connection

Post by Superdave on Fri 02 Jan 2015, 6:18 am

Try running this:

Please download MiniToolBox to Desktop and run it.

Checkmark the following boxes:

  • Flush DNS
  • Report IE Proxy Settings
  • Reset IE Proxy Settings
  • List content of Hosts
  • List IP Configuration
  • Lst Last 10 Event Viewer Errors
  • List Users, Partitions and Memory Size

Click Go and copy/paste the log (Result.txt) into your next post.

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