Manually inserted network "not in range"

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Manually inserted network "not in range"

Post by fluffysox on 10th July 2014, 12:24 am

HI. This is my first post so im not sure what i need to provide.

My phone cannot detect my home wifi at all, yet it can detect the neighbours and can even connect to ones without a password. But i need to manually insert my own wifi in. When i do, all it says is not in range, even when im less than a meter away from the modem.

solutions ive tried:
forgetting it and manually inserting it
restarting modem (turning on and off)
restarting modem (really small pinhole button at the back)
restarting phone
manually inserting it again
making sure the password is right
making sure the security is right (wep, wpa)

thanks in advance for your help


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Re: Manually inserted network "not in range"

Post by Master Ansem Yesterday at 9:56 pm

[mod]For those that need help with this issue, it is best to begin a new topic, as this kind of issue is on an individual basis. Topic closed.[/mod]

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