Meet Encrypted Easy-to-use Email Platform

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Meet Encrypted Easy-to-use Email Platform

Post by JustMail on Sun 27 Apr 2014, 11:10 pm

Hi there!

In the light of recent events privacy matters are becoming more and more important for everyone. This subject is closely intertwined with our personal and professional interests. Being highly preoccupied with Internet privacy issues, out team have worked for almost a year on development of a fully secured way to share data online.

At present we are ready to announce that our email platform Just Mail has started a Kickstarter campaign - Based on the I2P network, proven for decades AES algorithms, public and private keys and a distributed storage network Just Mail will help people safely exchange e-mails, files and any secrets. No data are collected from our usersí activities and itís completely impossible to track where they are.

Our mission is to build a unique space where people can communicate and collaborate in a completely safe and secure environment. Our campaign is aimed at raising funds for developing Just Mail applications for every platform and building infrastructure. As soon as we have done that we will invite backers to help us test the platform.

You can find all details about Just Mail on Kickstarter, on our website - and follow in Twitter - @getjustmail.

Your Just Mail team.



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