Completely dead...

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Completely dead...

Post by Nirahli on Mon 24 Mar 2014, 10:36 pm

Hey guys!

I don't really know if this is really a software or hardware problem, but anyway.

A friend of mine was using my computer on all kinds of websites flashing with "download me" and "congratulations, you are the winner" and stuff like that. Anyone would know those things are not to be touched. Well, anyone except for her.

Since then, the computer won't shut down. If I try to turn it off, the light keeps flashing and the harddrive spins, stops, spins, stops, spins,... and so on. It won't boot, either.

When starting, the entire boot progress is shown on screen letter per letter. The computer then asks to start up normally or in safe mode. Immediately after the last word is shown, a black screen rolls from top to bottom, not allowing you to select anything. Trying to get into the BIOS doesn't help, either.

The computer does not accept any kind of boot. Not from the hard drive, not from a USB, not from a CD, nothing...

So basically, she fried my computer. She bought me a new one, which I think is really sweet, but I kind of need to get my files back... asap.

Any tips on how to get into the hard drive and get my files off are welcome. And off course, if anyone might happen to know what happened, please do tell...

Brand: Medion Akoya E6300 D
CPU: AMD Phenom X4 9650 (2.3GHz)
GPU (replaced recently): Nvidia GeForce GT620 2GB
Storage: 640 GB


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Re: Completely dead...

Post by Belahzur on Tue 25 Mar 2014, 9:16 am

Is this a laptop or a full desktop?

Can you swap out your new machine and put in the old hardrive, then try a bootable CD and see what happens?

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