@doctor inferno

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@doctor inferno

Post by NitEcraWler on Sat 08 Feb 2014, 1:51 am

Gday Doc,

Seems you have been doing well with my forum mate.....congrats!

It was many moons ago now that we both started this adventure, brothers in arms from the old hacking forum days!

Just wanted to say hi and keep up the good work on my brainchild mate.

You know who I am Milton.

Just remember who taught you the ropes and brought you under his wing when you were a keen new wannaby all those years ago. seems you have graduated now.

Kind Regards  

PS....don't worry, I wont DOS your server for shutting me out lol   

Take care my friend


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Re: @doctor inferno

Post by Superdave on Mon 09 Jun 2014, 12:21 pm

Doc hasn't been around the forums for quite some time but someone must be paying the bills. I've been trying to contact him for over 2 months.

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