Can Someone Hack My "Smart" TV?

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Can Someone Hack My "Smart" TV?

Post by Chuck E. Mong on 25th January 2014, 8:00 am

I'm new and haven't posted before but this is something I've been wondering. I was lucky enough to have won a HUGE Vizio smart TV in a drawing and I have to say it's unbelievable. Besides getting TV (more channels than a regular TV gets with only less than basic cable) it connects to our wireless network and even though it doesn't have a browser it can get things like YouTube and Netflicks. I recently have been studying wireless networking and use a program called Vistumbler that detects wireless networks and when combined with my Triton GPS I can drive around, detect and log wireless networks, see what ones don't need a password and plot them on Google Earth (not the exact location but where I was on the road when the network was detected). I've learned some people call this wardriving. Another program I have is called a wireless network watcher which shows me all of the devices in our network, their name, MAC address, the IP address and the company name of the wireless adapter in the device. What I'm wondering is if my network is secured (it is) can someone detect the TV and get to it or do they have to do it through the network first? I don't find anything in the TVs manual about it. I'm guessing that because the TV doesn't show up as a wireless access point then someone would have to first get onto my network to get to the TV. Although the TV is capable of being connected by Ethernet it's more cable than I'm willing to run but if I did I don't recall ever seeing virus protection for TVs.

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