Excel 2007 row missing

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Excel 2007 row missing

Post by rbul1 on 17th September 2013, 10:46 pm

I have a worksheet upon which I track golf expenses, scores & number of times played.

I arrived at row 98 and imagine my surprise when I discovered row 98 was absent.

The entries for row 97 are present, however any new entries go to row 99, there is no row 98!

Row numerals are a function of the native Excel software and not dependent upon any macro or
function, any attempt to insert the row produces the choices normally associated with the action such as "shifts or entire row or entire column", but will not provide the 98th row.

Other worksheets within this copy of the Excel Application contain all the rows.

OS Win 7 32 bit Home Premium, Microsoft Office 2007 32 bit.


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