What am I?

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What am I?

Post by rogerschwartz on 6th July 2013, 5:09 pm

I don't know if this the right forum for a novice MP3 user.Let me think  No doubt some kind soul will enlighten me if I'm here in error. But, assuming I'm in the right place here goes:

My human master purchased me recently from EBay. I work ok but my master wants to know my name & model number & get a manual. But I'm very small & only know that I am a Genplus. I don't have a manual & my master can't find my creator or any info on line. He tells me that he's IT illiterate & needs help. Can anyone here assist him but please, please don't use technical terms or language! Thanks! All I can tell you is that the Ebay vendor has told me it's a Genplus model ref MSDC1DISK. There doesn't seem to be an attachment facility for this forum but if you go to item 121131464704 on Ebay, the vendor, Valerium, has some detailed photos.

Thanks for your interest!Thank You! 


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