AutoRun not working

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AutoRun not working

Post by dane534 on 28th June 2013, 6:32 pm

Hi ... I am having difficulty figuring how to use my StompSoft "Drive Washer" to permanently eliminate all my hard drive data on an old computer before I recycle it...

My old, old computer is a Dell tower that runs with Windows XP.  The "Drive Washer" CD will only work if it loads before Windows ... so it is important that AutoRun works.  It doesn't work...

I have run "regedit" and made sure that AutoRun is set to "1" (it already was).  The problem seems to be that AutoRunAlwaysDisable seems to have info in it that (if I understand correctly) overrides the AutoRun setting.  I understand that I should NOT remove this info or my CD drive may not work correctly.  What should I do?  Should I modify the AutoRunAlwaysDisable to include the "Drive Washer" info (if so, I have no idea what I should type/add there).

I have also tried hitting Control+F11 upon startup to remove Windows ... but that doesn't work either.  Keep in mind that I am trying to erase ALL DATA from this computer so I don't care about destroying any files.  I really would like to responsibly recycle this computer but I am willing to disassemble it and take a sledgehammer to it if nothing else works (but only as a last resort).

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.  :-)


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