Black screen on startup

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Black screen on startup

Post by Fimbulvinter on 8th May 2013, 11:31 am


I'm not entirely sure whether this topic should be in this forum section, hopefully it is the correct one. Anyhow, I have a problem. Today while I was simultaneously listening to music via winamp and using firefox my computer froze (first time that has happened on this computer actually). So I turned off the computer, restarted it, and then a black screen appeared. I could still use the mouse though, on the black screen that is. I thought my harddrive or graphicscard had "died" but after awhile windows started. To my surprise I was greeted by the "log in screen", which was suprising since I have always had this computer on "auto-login". Another suprise was that the sensitivity of the mouse had been reset to default. Beyond that everything worked fine. So I decided to run a checkdisk and a sf/verifyonly, 0 problems was found on those. Then I decided to update some drivers (maybe that was the problem), but these were already updated. Then I decided to restart the computer, this time in safe mode with network access, to see if the same problem was there, which it was. When I start the computer the following happen:
1. I get a "black screen" on which I can move my mouse around (the sensitivity is changed to default), and it takes quite awhile to start windows
2. Then I get the "welcome screen", which also takes quite awhile
3. Then I did get the log in screen (I fixed this, my computer is on "auto-login" again)

I should also point out that when my computer froze I wasn't installing/updating anything. Any ideas?

Edit: *Problem fixed*


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