Constant Audio Stutter after upgrading to Windows 7 (32bit)

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Constant Audio Stutter after upgrading to Windows 7 (32bit)

Post by RevOfEMS on Thu Apr 11, 2013 4:51 pm

I have an eMachine T5212 Desktop computer which previously ran WindowsXP (Home Edition) and I upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate (32bit) and I'm using an Audigy Soundblaster LS (24bit) which worked great with XP. But now in 7 I'm getting a constant audio stutter whenever I play audio files. It's a quick robotic stutter that happens repeatedly throughout a song and I use this computer for recording so it's has an effect on my business. It happens on-line or offline, either or and usually my CPU usage isn't high at all.

Things I've Done to Remedy the Problem (but still nothing)
-Updated my soundcard & graphic drivers and all drivers in general
-Checked Windows site to see if my soundcard is compatible
-Updated my Bios to the latest available version, via eMachine's website
-Updated all Windows Updates
-Tried Uninstalling & Reinstalling soundcard using Device Manager
-Check all the wiring and how everything was installed

Any help or advice to remedy this nagging problem would be appreciated.


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