Why no Centurly Link icon in notification area?

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Why no Centurly Link icon in notification area?

Post by poemsmith on Thu 28 Mar 2013, 10:56 am

All of a sudden, my Century Link icon is missing from the notifcation area at the bottom of the task bar, on the right. When I try to customize it, I go to the screen that says "select which icons and notifications appear on the task bar". When I scroll thru the options, Century Link Online Security program is not even listed there anymore. It used to be. How can I get it back there? In lieu of that being able to happen, how can I "unload" the security for brief periods if I need to? I used to right click on the icon in the notification area and was given a menu, but since it is no longer there, I cannot find how to do this. I would really like to have my program back in the listing so that is can appear in the notification area. Thanks for any help. I use Windows 7.



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