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Solved Internet problems

Post by ForgivenSoul on Sun Mar 17, 2013 9:26 am

recently i have encountered some internet issues. it happened yesterday when i was playing one of my games. i was plaing normally with no problems when suddenly my ping spiked from about 50 to about 400+. at first i thought it was just the game server it used to do that alot and it was always fixed by restarting my game. well when i restarted my game and joined a new match my ping went even higher 700+. i left the game, unhooked my router and connected stright to my modem (original connection was a wired connection from my Computer to Router to Modem to Internet) restarted my modem and went ingame. my ping was fine once again. played a match with about 50 ping. then the match restarted and everything was fine and then my ping started to go back up. so i went to and to test it. i got similar results to these:

heres a test done 10 mins after the above test:

and this is the results after restarting my modem:

ive tried every possible fix i can thing of and everyone i could find but nothings worked. it normally takes about 10 mins for the ping to start rising. thanks your help in advance

Seems to be fixed after i removed Pando Media Booster


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