Hello, thank you...but unable to attach the 2 Notepad files of scan

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Hello, thank you...but unable to attach the 2 Notepad files of scan

Post by cabanaroo on 25th February 2013, 10:48 pm

My issues: an extremely slow pc, it "hangs" constantly - (I just upped to 60mbps, however, because we are all wireless here and the other side of the house has 10 pieces of equipment and may have up to 4 connected at any given time), also many links will not open at all. I'm trying to find employment, so I'm fairly desparate for a resolution. I've wondered if my security settings are too stringent or perhaps McAfee is the problem itself. Also, I have quite a few messages saved to folders in Outlook Express but don't know if that can cause these problems. Sincerely thankful to you for taking your time to read this and your patience with pc "challenged" user here. Huge apologies, but I cannot attach the 2 files as you instructed -I just didn't understand. I can only copy/paste which will take up LOTS of space here, so I really don't know what to do and feel extremely stupid. If you have mercy and time, I'll be checking my email to see if you might respond with something that this knucklehead can understand. God bless. Annoyed or Unimpress


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