Computer Bluescreens on Startup

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Computer Bluescreens on Startup

Post by PanzerschreckLeopard on 24th February 2013, 4:46 pm

Okay, so, this morning, I was old something was wrong with computer, to find it bluescreens on startup, just before when it would normally give account does this even in safe brother and his friend were the last ones on, all I know is that the friend kept whining for me to download Garry's mod, and tried to download it himself from some site, I don't know which, though I stopped him from installing it.

Here's two pics...note how in the 2nd one, the "Raid volumes" status says "verify" in yellow letters, which it did not before. Normally it's some other word (forgot what) in green letters. (Even though it says "Bootable: yes," it still BSOD'ed when I tried to use "reboot.")


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