Netwrok Connections Folder is Empty - WinXP SP3, McAfee 2013

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Netwrok Connections Folder is Empty - WinXP SP3, McAfee 2013

Post by jgraves on Tue Jan 08, 2013 9:41 am

I have a MS network set up with four computers on it. All running WinXP SP3 and all running McAfee 2013, simple file sharing enabled. One of the computers has 7 user accounts set up on it. Four of those have been there for a while and I just added the other three. The four old accounts have access to the internet and the other shared computers. The three new users have do not have any kind of network (internet or file sharing) access. In researching this problem I discovered that my Network Connections folder is empty. I suspect that this problem occurred after I set up the four working users. TCP/IP is obviously running - I did run IPConfig to verify that. Even though I knew it had to be or the four working users would not have network access.

I have tried removing the nic card and letting Windows re-install it. I have tried the steps in Microsoft article 825826. I tried copying a working user to a non-working user. I am at a lost as to what else to try other than reformatting the hard drive and starting over.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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