Latest security reports: Android, Apple, among others

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Latest security reports: Android, Apple, among others

Post by Dr Jay on 1st November 2012, 10:06 pm

The latest security studies are in, and here are the analyses from seCURE Connexion…

  • Android malware has overgrown, with an extreme growth by the end of
    July to the month of August, and into September and October. Get
    protected now with the latest in mobile security, so your smartphone can stay secure from the dangers of the app world.
  • Another rise for Android issues, would be apps that act like
    aggressive adware, by collecting way too much personal information. It
    is continuously a problem, dealing with apps that collect a load of
    personal information, and some have worried about identity theft.
  • Vendors of software have seen a continual rise in vulnerabilities
    for the past couple of years. However, Apple seems to have the worst
    problem, but so does Google. Both companies have seen varying degrees of
    intensity and quantity of attacks, and it’s to question that Microsoft
    is seeing a break in the action. The good part is, Microsoft only shown
    half as many vulnerabilities as Google, and only one-quarter as many as
    Apple. Though these numbers are only speculative, based on looking over
    the lists of the past few months.

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