Summer 2012 Antivirus Software Rankings

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Summer 2012 Antivirus Software Rankings

Post by Dr Jay on 19th June 2012, 7:26 pm

The following are independently reviewed security products – Actual testing data not available


  1. Avast Antivirus Free
    is growing itself a trend for the best free antivirus. It is thought
    one of the best promotion techniques they have used in the recent year
    was contests for their users. From what was seen in our perspective,
    Avast has an awesomely fast antivirus engine. However, it barely slipped
    from first place due to its false positives and lack of stronger
    heuristics needed for the bigger threats. But, since it is free, it goes
    to show that users need a premium antivirus protection (as we show the
    rankings for below).
  2. Microsoft Security Essentials
    came out as one of the most lightweight and simplistic antivirus
    programs on the market. Microsoft is the maker of the Windows operating
    system, of course, so it gave users a trustworthiness factor for
    Microsoft Security Essentials. And ever since then, it’s been magic.
    With its ability to detect some rootkits, it comes in second place, but
    not too far under first.
  3. AVG Antivirus Free
    ranks in third for many reasons. Its good detection and smart
    heuristics allow it to be a powerful antivirus program, however, it has
    dealt with false positives on an uncomfortable scale. It therefore has
    tied with Avira Free.
  4. Avira Free
    has tied with AVG Antivirus Free. What is good about Avira Free is that
    it continually shows good protection against all Windows platforms.
    What is bad is that it cannot run 100% on heavily infected systems. This
    is a common problem with antivirus software, but Avira Free has shown
    to not function very well. May be due to the lack of a well-coded
    self-protection driver.
  5. ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus/Firewall
    has come in last, but certainly not least! It is assured that
    ZoneAlarm’s new free program has what it takes to be a good antivirus
    program. Further testing is needed to rate the overall effectiveness of
    this program. Stay tuned to our blog for future reviews!

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