Wireless Network possibly infected with VIRUS!!!

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Wireless Network possibly infected with VIRUS!!!

Post by gtokau on 30th May 2012, 12:28 am


My name is George and I am from Papua New Guinea in the South Pacific Region.

The Wireless network where I work has recently gone up the shit, by that I mean all PCs on wireless are giving the same IP Address when trying to connect to our local Network.

Those that are on cable(LAN cable) are not affected but ONLY those that are on wireless network.

Just this morning all that are on wireless cannot make a connection at all.

Have someone come across this before? need HELP badly!!!

George Tokau
IT Support
CPL Group


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Re: Wireless Network possibly infected with VIRUS!!!

Post by abletec on 1st June 2012, 5:53 pm

Hi, George--have u figured this out yet?

You haven't told us anything about your network, router, etc., e.g., what router(s) are you using, how many computers are connecting to the network, subnets, etc. The first thing that strikes me is that the router settings may have become altered or are simply turned off.

W/a computer connected to the router via a cable, it'd be good to explore your wireless settings & make sure they're correct. It'd also be a good idea to make certain your TCP/IP settings in your computers are set correctly, making certain especially that the default gateway is set to the wireless router.


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