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Post by Two-Eyes on Tue 08 May 2012, 9:55 am


I'm getting the error in the title after managing to let my laptop fall :S However, I put it to hibernate, and the error was thrown first when I started the system up again. (If it makes a difference, I was installing Hex Editor Free when the fall happened)

Basically I cannot get to Windows to do anything, because a bit after the user starts up, the Blue Screen is shown. However I have Ubuntu installed on another partition, and that's from where I'm writing to you.

I already tried Memtest86, and chkdsk was run twice automatically (I didn't do anything to have it run). The first time no problems where found, but the second time there were quite a few things found. I remember the word "orphaned" came up a few times.

I also tried to go back to a restore point, but once it said it couldn't take me back (I forgot the exact wording), and the second time I tried the blue screen what shown again.

As requested, this is the link to the minidump files generated (there should be 4):!147&parid=3DEBA8E6CEE681C2!143&authkey=!AEXsoXhjvauIiw0

Thanks very much for your time


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