Hello World! Hello GeekPolice!

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Hello World! Hello GeekPolice!

Post by ZeroFlag on 3rd May 2012, 9:56 pm

Hi everyone! Good Day!

I am ZeroFlag, I am a Computer Engineering Student, and am very interested in Malware removal and I HATE MALWARE. I had reformatted my PC several times already because of malwares and everytime I reformat my PC, these words always pop in my mind " WHERE DID I GO WRONG?". I'm now very cautious on what I do on the internet to prevent my PC from getting infected with malwares.

I am interested in joining the academy so that I could learn more about malwares, its removal and prevention, in order to keep my PC safe and as well as my friends and families and the community, specially here in this very forum, GeekPolice.

Hoping for a warm welcome. Smile
Thank You!


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Re: Hello World! Hello GeekPolice!

Post by Dr Jay on 4th May 2012, 8:18 am

Hello! Welcome to the forums.

Our Academy is an exciting place to learn and we would be glad if you apply.

Not everyone is accepted, but we do like those most whom are dedicated to forums and passion for technical support!

Look here for the Application: http://www.GeekPolice.net/GeekPolice-Academy-h27.htm

Dr Jay
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