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Post by stevier on 31st March 2012, 5:20 am

Please help
i am currently using my spare computer, My main computer has been over run by "smart hdd" by the time i realised it was there it was too late it started deleting things or hiding things from me before i could remove it i looked up on google how to remove it and i rebooted my computer in safe mode but it was already to late i couldnt acces my C:/ my anti virus had let me know of the malware but it had been allowed i have lost acces to chaning and deleting programs from remove/add programs. i looked up on the internet how to remove it once it had taken over and i found your site and instructions to "malbytes malware" i think and was able to safe mode-network to acces the net used a proxy because it was directing me to random websites whenever i searched for something i managed to download the malware removal thing and at first it ahowed 42 problems/ifectedfiles i deleted them run another scan and it came up clean so i rebooted to normal setup and it was still there the malware removal program was the onlything in my start menu i scaned again and it showed 10 infected files i deleted them and still no change by the time i had finished the scan it had been removed/hidden from the start menu. i tried to go back to safemode to doanother scan but it had been removed there too so i went to safemode-network to dowload it again and or search for another malware removal program but it wouldnt let me use the internet even in safemode-network i only have basic computer skills, it is too quick too smart for me. Can i remove it myself and fix it or should i take it to a computer techy and just recover my files if thats even possible please let me know if i can or someelse can fix it or let me know if my babys pretty much dead thankyou i know its a long topic im not that computer smart and i dont know what details youd need to help me =)


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Post by houndmom on 31st March 2012, 2:23 pm

Welcome! Glad to have you here. Hooray!
Please read here
Then post in the malware forum here
One of the awesome techs will help you as soon as they can!

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