Failed RAID system - Eek! - help, please!

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Failed RAID system - Eek! - help, please!

Post by buffm on Sat Mar 31, 2012 12:07 am

We have Raidon ST7610-4S-S2 system with 4 connected hard drives.
Out of the blue - and without any prior warning, it just stopped. All the power lights disappeared.
We checked all the normal things (eSATA connection, power cord, UPS) but nothing made it come back on.
We also have a second one that was working just fine. We properly powered that one down and tried using the esata cable and power cord from it to relaunch the original hardware. No luck.
The biggeest bite happened when we returned the eSATA cable and the power cord to the 2nd, functioning system and NOW IT WON'T START UP EITHER!.
We've let them cool down for a day or two and tried to start them up once again.
the first failed one flashes the blue power lights for a second or two before going dead.
the second flashes the blue lights AND the red warning light before going dead.

We also bought a new esata card for the computer and it still failed to turn on correctly.

The company we got it from is either moving offices or defunct, depending on which tech support we ask. In either case, these units are out of warranty, so that doesn't help much.
We considered getting a new one of the same model so that we could at least retrieve the data from the drives, but we aren't finding any available right now.

Anyone have ANY suggestions short of spending thousands on data recovery? between the 4 hard drives, it's like 8TB of data, but only a small percentage of it is not archived elsewhere.

any help is REALLY appreciated. I"m pulling out my hair here.


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