Display settings for Lap tp to TV

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Display settings for Lap tp to TV

Post by suzonka on Tue Dec 27, 2011 10:59 am

below is a copy of a chat , what i need is step by step display set up using an s cable with a VGA adaptor out put on the side of my acer to my TV , the no [1] and no [2] screen options and then when I select detect to the TV ,it wont work, can anyone tell me how to set this display up proper step by step I'm new at this. I have windows 7 my series # is 5734z aspire,model no PAWF6

Vinayaprasad: Ronald, are you getting display on the LCD screen?
Ronald Tyler: yes its a few months old only
Ronald Tyler: yes on the lap top
Vinayaprasad: Okay.
Ronald Tyler: the tv is showing just a fuzy black screen
Vinayaprasad: Ronald, unfortunately this is an out of scope issue for our department.

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Re: Display settings for Lap tp to TV

Post by tysonvid on Sun Jan 01, 2012 1:24 am

Don't know if this will work on your laptop. But, on one of my other laptops, I had to go into control panel, hardware and sound, display, connect to a projector.

On my main laptop, I didn't have that problem, but for some reason, i had to do that on my other laptop. Try that.


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