Funny resolution problem

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Funny resolution problem

Post by Delano on Sun 25 Dec 2011, 2:19 pm

So i gave my dad a christmas preasant. An asus x35u laptop. The thing is that he gave me a call a few hours later and said that something´s wrong with the resolution.
So i go over and check things out and the maximum reso i can add in cp is 1024*768 which is really damn low. I have an asus n53sv myself both of them are 15,6 inches but mine runs at 1920*1080.
Now i go to cp - display and theres a difference. Mine has three options. Smaller 100%, medium 125% and large 150% . However my dads laptop only has the small 100% and medium 125% options.
So here´s the question. How can i increase the bloody resolution if there arent any real options in control panel? Because this really is rather stupid. I can always add screens if neccesary.

With regards


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Re: Funny resolution problem

Post by Jan2011 on Wed 04 Jan 2012, 4:05 am

I have as similar Asus. My Display control panel shows:
Smaller - 100% (default) and
Medium - 125%

You want to click on Screen Resolution on the left hand panel. In there, using the drop down menu, adjust the resolution what ever you like. Mine is 1366 x 768.


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