I screwed up my wifi profiles/networks...help, please?

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I screwed up my wifi profiles/networks...help, please?

Post by saforaRM on Sun 11 Dec 2011, 12:06 pm

- we are on dlink and had problems, I had to make a new profile. The new profile took the name of my computer automatically...The Man didn't like that much. ;) So I figured out how to change the name (or so I thought) and, at the same time, added a WPA-2 security (mostly because our houseguest was a magnet for viruses). The security thing got to be very annoying and I tried to remove it which didn't work. Soooo I made a "new" network which is unsecured.

Problem #1:
- now I have 3 listings in my Network Sharing Centre for the same router and the only one that will connect is the secured one. How do I get rid of them all and make just one unsecured connection?

Problem #2:
- The Man has a new Galaxy Nexus that only recognizes the secured connection but when he puts in the password, it says "no access found".

Both are laptops. Mine is Windows 7 and the other is XP.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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