Windows 7 hangs on normal boot, safemode boot also

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Windows 7 hangs on normal boot, safemode boot also

Post by Infinite on 7th December 2011, 3:17 am

I have an HP G62-229WM
3GB ram, 64-bit AMD, running windows 7 home premium

Lately, my computer has been running extremely slow. I took some advice I had gotten on this site in the past and applied it (checked the HTJ log, deleted some things that i knew were a problem, ran clamwin av from a usb stick, updated java, installed comodo firewall and avira antivirus, ran malwarebytes antimalware). When I ran clamwin, there were no detections, when I ran avira only 1 item came up, wildtangent, and that was removed, and no results after running malwarebytes. since my last few virus issues a few years ago, i'm kind of anal about preventing viruses and malware in general.

Right after I did all of this, everything was running smoothly briefly. Avira updated, windows 7 files updated, and required a restart.

upon restart, the startup process ran EXTREMELY slow after comodo and avira loaded, and i did a hard restart after about 30 minutes. every boot since then has hung on either the black screen or the welcome screen after the windows splash.

I tried to start up in safe mode, but when the driver list began to run, the boot hung when loading atipcie.sys

What can i do to fix this problem, since I cannot load into safe mode?


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