Asus U43F bamboo series

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Asus U43F bamboo series

Post by jyhk on Thu 24 Nov 2011, 7:45 pm

My computer started to act crazily after downloading a lot of pdf last thursday
My brother helped me out by pressing F2, it worked
But the next day the whole thing crashed again
Since Monday I ve been rebooting the whole computer ove and over again, i have done it so far 5 times
so it works affter rebooting, btu after I do not use it for 8 hours, because I sleep duing those hours
and I reuse it the next day, it is then not working
i see the asus symbol at the startup and then i see windown startup, but then it gets stuck there the whole time
can somebody help
I bough it last year september 2010 so it is jsut over the warranty time and I bought it while i was in the US on internship for 6 months
and now I am back in Europe for my study so Asus technical support cannot really help...i think since it is another continent and the laptop is from somewhere else
THANK you in advance if somebody can help me because I need to work on my thesis for my last year



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