right medea strikes agasin

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right medea strikes agasin

Post by Big10_62 on 7th November 2011, 1:35 pm

Just the other day I was hit with right Medea's little Trojan and of all places for it to come from. Microsoft itself. It came in on one of their last update for windows XP. I had to use Spybot to find it and Avast to remove it. Microsoft is hitting all the free browser that are out there. When they announced the release of Windows 8 (which by the way is for mobile devices not PC's) Facebook and Firefox started up dating their browser to handle this. All it managed to do was exploit the browser with this little virus. I had seen right Medea pop up twice but could not remove it with Spybot and after running Avast I removed it but I caught Microsoft as well with it. That's how I found out it was coming from Microsoft. To remove one you have to remove the other. I guess it is Microsoft's way of trying to do away with XP once again.


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