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Post by ThunderBluff on Tue Aug 12, 2008 2:57 pm

a woman, i read in the papers, had been scammed into paying nearly three thousand dollars paying for a modified PSP and when she fought with the boss and bargained to lower its pricing, the boss lowered it down to a thousand six dollars, she believed that she was paying the extra one thousand and two hundred for the PSP games the boss of the shop downloaded for her and had believed that this exchange was "legal". she also reportedly said that the extra costs were to cover the so called licence for downloading freeware PSP games which, as Sony's CEO said, was illigal.
the anonymous person who made this ''custom firmware'' for PSP so that it can run homebrew PSP games said that he had intended for his firmware(OS of PSP) to be non profit and should be done only if the person has chosen this himself and intends to void his PSP warrenty. Play the game
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