FireFox is the only browser that works.

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FireFox is the only browser that works.

Post by Habbino on 29th August 2011, 10:21 am

FireFox browser is the only browser that works.I tried disabling Firewall
but still didn't work.I also tried to allow the other browsers throught firewall
but still didn't work.Opera,Internet Explorer,Safari don't work and I tried
installing Google Chrome but couldn't because some error with internet
connection.But I can still connect to the internet.I also checked the proxy
settings and they are fine they are default.Reinstalled all of them.

I can't even use TeamViewer or nothing.I uninstalled Java like months and installed the offline version of it
because I had trouble installing it.That's about most trouble I had to deal with.


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Re: FireFox is the only browser that works.

Post by Dr Jay on 3rd September 2011, 12:32 am

Hey there...let's take a look. Smile

Please download the latest version of Kaspersky GetSystemInfo (GSI) from Kaspersky and save it to your Desktop.

Note: please close all other applications running on your system.

Double click GetSystemInfo.exe to open it. It will display an agreement. Click on I Agree to continue.

Click the Settings button.

Set the slider to Maximum.

IMPORTANT! Then, click Customize - choose Driver / Ports tab and uncheck Scan Ports.

On the General tab, make sure all of the boxes are checked.

On the Misc tab, make sure all the checkboxes are checked.

Then, click OK on the windows that you launched.

Click Create Report to run it.

It will begin scanning.

It will create a zip folder called on your Desktop.

It should automatically upload it to If it does not, then please submit it manually by going to the site and doing the upload process.

It will redirect to a page, where it will provide a sharing URL for specialists. Copy and paste the url of the GSI Parser report in your next reply.

Dr Jay
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