Windows 7 & iTunes -- WON'T PLAY!!!!

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Windows 7 & iTunes -- WON'T PLAY!!!!

Post by kferguson84 on Wed Jun 29, 2011 4:49 pm

I have become very frustrated. My new Dell laptop was running nicely then all of a sudden it loses a CODEC? Really? Aliens abducted it I think. I fought with it. Then I sat as both the Dell AND Microsoft technicians took remote access of my computer and did the exact same things I did with the same results. The Windows Media Player will play but will not emit sound. iTunes will not play at all. However, RealPlayer does and YouTube gets sound very nicely so there are no device errors. All drivers are up-to-date. I have tried isolating the applications running in the background to see if any of those are interferring and even with everything turned off, they still do not run properly. The Microsoft tech installed a CODEC pack to no avail. I have reinstalled iTunes.

I hope someone out there has encountered this problem before and knows exactly how to fix this! I do not want to send the computer back. It takes forever to get one back!


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Re: Windows 7 & iTunes -- WON'T PLAY!!!!

Post by Lance(HAOH) on Sat Jul 02, 2011 7:20 am

Hi. Although I have not encountered such a problem, but I have done some research about this problem. It seems that iTunes might have a problem with audio enhancement.

For iTunes,
Go to: edit > preferences > quick time preferences > audio tab > Select audio playback and recording devices. There should be an error message. Disable all audio enhancements and restart iTunes.


For Windows Media Player,
I read a similar article. You might be missing the AC3_filter codec. It can be downloaded from here:

Another cause could be that you have set speakers to play digital audio, for this,
go to: start ->control panel -> hardware & sound -> sound and select 'set as default'.

You could also try to install K-lite codec pack. It is free and it consists of a comprehensive list of codecs. Download it from here:


I hope this solution will solve your problem.



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