Attachment Checker for Exchange??????

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Attachment Checker for Exchange??????

Post by porge2009 on Tue May 17, 2011 12:19 pm


I recently found a script that when run in outlook 2003 brings up an attachment checker which is VERY useful.

Basically it stops you looking like an idiot.

If you send an email and within that email you have said PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENT or even just the word ATTACHMENT but have not actually attached anything then a little pop up comes up telling you that you have not attached anything...good right?

Well what im asking is if there is anything that can be run through the exchange server which will do the same job accross a network so that all of our users have this application?

As i said it works fine on my local outlook account but rather than go around 500+ computers and do it indivually i would like to try and do it through exchange so that each user can use this.

Any ideas would be great.



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